​​Looking for experienced licensed mechanical journeymen

1. Check condenser, coil, insulations, thermostat and filters

2.    Check any duct leaks.

3.    Check all electrical components and safety controls

4.    Check condensate drain is draining properly.

5.    Check water safety devices.






We seek experienced licensed mechanical journeymen to be residential installation technicians and service technicians to sustain and accelerate growth in the Shreveport-Bossier City market.

Candidates must be personable, organized and technically proficient.

Minimum 2-5 years experience in HVAC are required, a clean driving record, high school diploma or equivalent, and the necessary hand tools to perform the job.

Must pass drug test. The company has a zero tolerance drug policy. Random drug screens are performed.

                                          Call (318) 425-8674

We provide uniforms and boots, training and education and a company vehicle.

Preventive Maintenance

(318) 425-8674

Shreveport-Bossier City


Trane Website

We have added another feature to our website. It is a link that takes you to the buyer's Trane website. There you can research the HVCA you are interested in.

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