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Bill and Cathy Cummings’ team, Ability Air Conditioning Inc., placed first in Locals Love Us in the HVAC category. Ability Air Conditioning Inc. has been in business since 2001.

With record-setting temperatures the techs have been working day and night for their customers.


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Allergy symptoms continue into the summer months

  • Keep windows and doors closed in your home, and turn on the air conditioner. Change your air conditioning filter often, at least once a month during pollen season. It's a good idea to change the filter every month.

  • Buy HEPA filters for your air conditioning units, a dehumidifier (which kills pollen spores and other allergens in the air) and/or an air purifying machine. Call Ability Air Conditioning for your filters. They can install a dehyumidifier or an air purifier.

  • Shed your shoes when you enter your home, and shower — and rinse or wash your hair — as soon as you come in for the day. Skin and hair holds a lot of pollen, which can trigger allergic reactions while we sleep.

  • Chow down on foods with natural antihistamine properties such as garlic, onions, citrus and apples.

  • Eat 1 to 2 teaspoons per day of locally produced bee pollen (which has no sugar) or honey, which contains small amounts of pollen, before allergy season starts. Ingesting the honey will help jumpstart your immune system against the local pollen.

  • Avoid the outdoors during peak pollen-producing times, which are typically in the early morning.

  • Rinse the pollen off of your pets after they come in from outside.